Basochhu Hydro Power Plant, Bhutan

Basochhu Hydro Power Plant, Bhutan


Located at 'the roof of the world', the Kingdom of Bhutan uses its water resources for power generation.

The Basochhu Hydro Power Plant is located in western Bhutan and utilises water from the rivers Basochhu und Rurichhu. To increase the efficiency of the existing plant, the Basochhu Lower Stage Project was executed from 2001 to 2005.

After the ceremonial opening of the Lower Stage Plant in March 2005, the Basochhu HPP now produces 60 per cent of the total electric power of Bhutan. Currently, the Austrian and Bhutanese government are negotiating the construction of a new power plant.

The Lower Stage has a total installed turbine capacity of 42 MW and consists of an intake, adduction tunnel, pondage, 2.7 kilometre penstock a 470-metre penstock tunnel and powerhouse.

Pöyry supported the Bhutan Power Authority with review of final design, guideline drawings, execution design, geological survey, as built drawings and commissioning.