Freudenau Run-of-River Power Plant, Austria

Freudenau Run-of-River Power Plant, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Project facts

Project Type: Run-of-River Power Plant

Installed Capacity: 300 MW

Commissioning date: 1998

The Freudenau run-of-river power plant is located in Vienna, a city with a population of nearly two million that lies in the heart of Central Europe. It is the last in the chain of power plants built in Austria along the Danube River since the 1950s.

Like all other power plants along the Danube, the Freudenau multi-purpose scheme has contributed significantly to improving navigation along the river and for more-efficient flood control. But the Freudenau plant differs from all earlier Danube power plants due to it complexity. It is the first large run-of-river plant in the world built within a large city.

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