Touching Everyday Lives – Verbund, Limberg II, Austria

Kaprun Limberg II power plant – Verbund AG's man-made wonder in Austria

Kaprun, Austria

Project facts

Mean gross head: 365 m

Capacity in generating mode: 2x240 MW

Capacity in pumping mode: 2x240 MW

Max flow per unit: 72 m3/s

Storing nature's energy for all good things in life...

Verbund is Austria´s leading electricity company, and one of Europe´s largest producers of electrical energy from hydro power. In 2007, Verbund started work on a major pumped-storage hydro power plant, Limberg II, to provide a more stable source of back-up power to compensate during low-output periods that result from the intensified use of wind energy.

Verbund chose Pöyry to help turn their vision into reality, building on a solid partnership, collaboration and expertise.  Pöyry’s assignment included the feasibility study, the tender design, execution design, coordination of civil construction and electromechanical erection and site supervision of Limberg II.

The result was a flexible design using two reservoirs in the Kaprun valley.  During times of low demand or over-production from wind and solar sources, they become ‘green batteries’, pumping water from the lower  to the upper reservoir, effectively balancing energy supply to help the stabilisation of the grid.

The optimisation process resulted in a reduction of about 36%, an approximate saving of 15-17 million EUR, or 5 per cent of the overall investment cost. And since the project was finished faster than expected, Verbund could deliver electricity to the citizens of Austria 12 months’ ahead of time.

According to DI Erich Wagner, Project Manager from Verbund

We rely on Pöyry for technical expertise, of course. But what sets them apart is their ability to work pragmatically and collaboratively in situations that are large-scale and complex. The delivery of Limberg II a year early is proof of that.