Multipurpose Schemes

Multipurpose Schemes

Hydropower facilities are sometimes added to existing schemes or greenfield schemes which provide water for irrigation, drinking water or other purposes. These schemes require additional know-how that can be easily found within Pöyry. Combining classical hydropower skills with specific Pöyry know-how creates additional client value.

As water is so precious, it is often worthwhile investigating combined usage. For example, linking irrigation with power generation which gives a better economic return and adds value. In fact, nearly 30 per cent of large dams worldwide are used for multiple purposes.

Through our broad expertise in projects located worldwide, Pöyry can advise clients in finding ways to develop the right combination of:

  • Irrigation
  • Electricity generation
  • Water supply
  • Flood control
  • Recreation
  • Navigation and fish breading

Multipurpose schemes often involve large storage reservoirs, and the complexity of launching such projects requires high-level engineering.

Pöyry will assist you in structuring your project and delivering state-of-the-art schemes.