Hydroconsulting - Water Resources

Hydroconsulting - Water Resources

Pöyry’s Hydro Consulting team has extensive experience working on national and international projects in the water and hydropower sector. With a team of highly qualified experts we provide advanced services in different fields of water management, hydroinformatics and environmental sciences.


As our customer, you can be assured that we will assist you in finding the most efficient solutions for complex tasks, thanks to the extensive knowledge and professional skills of our experts.

Services & References

We offer a wide range of consulting and engineering services supporting sustainable water resources management as well as modern hydropower development and operation.

Selected References

GIS Hydropower Resource Mapping for the ECOWAS Region

In this project Pöyry is assessing the hydropower potential of about 100,000 river reaches in the ECOWAS countries of West Africa.

Discharge is estimated for each river reach with a water balance modelling approach, using rainfall and Evapotranspiration data as inputs.

The modelling results are integrated in several GIS layers:

  • River-network layer showing hydropower potential
  • Sub-catchment layer showing regions suitable for small hydropower
  • Climate Change layers
  • Country reports

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant Ebensee

The expected flow conditions in Lake Traunsee due to the hydropower operation were computed and optimised by using three-dimensional numeric-hydraulic simulations.

Specific attention was paid on minimizing the water intake from the lake’s ecologically sensitive uppermost layer (pump operation), and on limiting the impacts on the current flow and circulation pattern of Lake Traunsee (turbine operation).

Gened Hydropowerplant Feasibility Study – Hydrology, Sediments, Energy

Detailed meteorological and hydrological assessments are a crucial part of the feasibility study for the Gened-1 Hydropower Plant in the Philippines. It proposes the establishment of a HPP with a 105 m high dam and a power capacity of 150 MW.  

The scope of work included:

  • Collection of hydro-meteorological data
  • Review of previous studies
  • Rainfall-Runoff-Model and its calibration
  • Flood frequency analysis
  • Estimation of Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)
  • Estimation of potential climate change impacts
  • Estimation of the sediment transport with USLE approach
  • Energy simulations

Groundwater Decontamination System Korneuburg

Planning and verifying of a groundwater decontamination system in Korneuburg (Lower Austria) via groundwater modelling. Therefore, a transient groundwater model was established. Additional investigations examined solute transport by modelling the contaminant plume.

The conclusions of the modelling results led to an optimized system of remediation wells, specified the enclosure of the most contaminated area by a seal wall and showed the effects on the groundwater body, surface waters and existing water rights.

Scope of Work:

  • Generation of a transient 3D-Groundwater model
  • Design and optimising of a remedial system
  • Expert attending approval procedures
  • Groundwater modelling with solute transport

The Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Project has a total installed capacity of 750 MW and is located on the Kafue River, a primary tributary of the Zambezi River

Pöyry updated the previous ESIA for the development of the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Project and the associated Transmission Line ESIA to a bankable level for soliciting financing from public, private and multilateral institutions. Additionally, the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) was updated.

The ESIA update prepared by Pöyry meets national and international standards and takes account of best practices in hydropower development. It is closely linked to the electricity development plans for promotion of renewable energy in Zambia.