Climate Change Studies

Climate Change Studies

Climate change and global warming are now evident and are observed in most parts of the world. Climate models are predicting even more pronounced changes for the 21st century. Climate change affects all parts of the water cycle and is therefore a fundamental consideration in modern water resources planning.

Our Competences

We quantify climate change and its impacts on water resources for specific regions and locations by analysing the latest climate projections, and by coupling climate model data with hydrological models. We also assess the uncertainties in the projections of climate change and climate change impact.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Analysis of climate variability and  long-term trends
  • Extraction, downscaling and bias correction of climate projections from the most recent global and regional climate models.
  • Analysis and modelling of climate change impact on water resources availability
  • Analysis and modelling of climate change impact on hydropower generation
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience studies for water management and hydropower
  • Development of decision support systems and operational forecasting systems facilitating robust decision making under uncertain climatic conditions

Selected References