Ground Water Management

Ground Water Management

Groundwater is an important factor for agriculture and water supply. Groundwater also plays an important role in geotechnical engineering and is increasingly being used for cooling and heating in modern building technology.

Our Competences

We have many years of experience in geo-hydraulic analyses using numerical groundwater models. On the basis of two- and three-dimensional model simulations, we prepare geo-hydraulic studies as they are needed for design and permitting of underground infrastructure, development of large-scale groundwater management programs and remediation of contaminated sites.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Geo-hydraulic aspects in design of foundations and underground structures
  • Groundwater impact of hydropower schemes and reservoirs
  • Sealing concepts for design of dam and dikes
  • Groundwater assessments in Environmental Impact Studies
  • Thermal use of ground water  (Cooling and Heating)
  • Monitoring of groundwater quantity and quality
  • Groundwater management and groundwater remediation
  • Design and operation of groundwater control systems
  • Groundwater extraction and groundwater recharging

Selected References