Surface Water Management

Surface Water Management

Sustainable management of our surface water resources requires detailed knowledge of hydrological, hydraulic and water management issues as well as the consideration of ecological aspects.

Our Competences

Numerical analysis of hydrological and hydraulic processes has been one of our core competences for many years. In order to support design and decision making in water management we apply a variety of computer models ranging from hydrological water balance models to three-dimensional hydraulic models (Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD). We also make advanced use of geo-information systems and conduct hydrometric measurements. As part of integrated water management we also have significant experience in consideration of socio-environmental aspects and in stakeholder consultation.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Hydrology & Hydrometry
  • Hydraulics & Sediments
  • Reservoir Operation
  • River Basin Studies
  • Flood Risk Management

Selected References

Hydrology & Hydrometry

Hydraulics & Sediment

Reservoir Operation Studies

River Basin Studies

Flood Risk Management