Hydropower Plants

Hydropower Plants

The hydropower teams within Pöyry Energy have extensive experience with the development of national and international hydropower projects. We are an interdisciplinary and dedicated group of experts covering all relevant fields required for a hydropower development with high quality standards.

Run-of-river schemes

Run-of-river schemes make an important contribution to meet base load electricity requirements. Often constructed in the bed of large rivers, run-of-river schemes not only generate electricity, but often also provide flood protection and can contribute to recreational and tourism development. The design criteria have to be consistent with ecological standards and regulations.

High-Head Hydropower Plants

Besides ensuring the supply of mainly peak electricity, reservoir storage schemes often also provide water for irrigation and industrial/domestic supply, as well as flood protection and recreational benefits. Such hydropower schemes are complex and the planning and design of their components, such as different types of high dams, large hydraulic structures, long tunnels and surface or underground power stations, requires  wide-ranging expertise and in depth know-how. Pöyry can provide such services due to our extensive and diverse project portfolio and many years of relevant hands-on experience.

Pumped-storage Power Plants

Pumped-storage schemes are designed to store energy by pumping water from a lower reservoir into an upper reservoir during periods of surplus energy in a power grid. During periods of high energy demand the water is released back into the lower reservoir through the turbines and electricity is generated and feeds into the grid.


The adaptation, expansion and repair of existing hydropower plants is gaining importance worldwide, because older assets are reaching end-of-life so extending the lifetime and thus usefulness of the asset is often far more economical than investing in new plants. Interdisciplinary planning and coordination is the key for a successful implementation. We make your project a success with our extensive experience in the rehabilitation of hydropower plants.

Small Hydropower Plants 

Small hydropower plants are a renewable source of energy and valuable in protecting the security of supply in a decentralized energy system.


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We offer a wide range of consulting and engineering services supporting sustainable water resources management as well as state-of-the-art hydropower development and operation.