River Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

River Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

Rivers are complex systems which require careful interdisciplinary assessments and experience for the design and implementation of hydraulic structures, such as weirs or hydropower plants. Pöyry has vast experience in such projects with expertise covering:

  • Weirs and intake structures
  • River engineering, erosion and slope protection
  • Spillways
  • Bottom outlets
  • Water conveyance systems
  • Fish pass systems

Presenting economically sound concepts and meeting high ecological standards are every day commitments for Pöyry. We place special focus on:

  • Hydrological and geological data assessments
  • Economical design flow analysis
  • Hydraulic structure engineering
  • Hydraulic analysis including computational fluid dynamics
  • Proven river diversion concepts
  • Elaborated construction phases
  • Flood risk management
  • Ecological improvement

Choosing Pöyry as the preferred engineering consultancy means choosing the best solution to meet your specific needs.