Geology & Geotechnics

Geology & Geotechnics

The basic requirement for planning and implementation of a construction project is well-known subsurface information. This is necessary to receive geotechnical parameters as well as information about the groundwater conditions for further detailed planning and calculations of an artificial structure.

Our experts have long lasting experience in providing and implementing a construction specific geological-geotechnical investigation concept, as well as execution and evaluation of the received data. In later project phases our experts can implement their know-how for the geotechnical supervision and/or geotechnical consulting. In addition to the common construction geology we are offering long lasting experience in hydro and environmental geology, especially in preservation of evidence for springs and wells, consulting and documentation of the dumping capability for contaminated materials and investigations of abandoned industrial sites and areas of suspected contamination.

Geological and geotechnical consulting and supervision of different national and international projects including:

  • Special heavy construction and structural engineering
  • Construction of water treatment pants
  • Hydropower and dam construction
  • Tunnel and cavern construction
  • Pipeline and plant construction
  • feed pipe construction
  • Road construction
  • Protective measure construction

Geology and Geotechnics

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Hydro- and Environmental Geology

Including further competences in Hydro- and Environmental Geology: