PÖYRY is your competent partner for all questions of engineering geophysical investigation and non-destructive testing of concrete components. We are market leaders in engineering geophysics and have been providing geophysical measurements for infrastructure companies, energy providers, the extractive industries and public administration for more than two decades.

Due to our many years of successful work, geophysical surveys in Austria are a fixed part of ground investigations nowadays. By help of continuous data collection and areal or spatial modelling, we support the engineer at an early stage in order to optimize the location of direct investigations.

Our procedures enable an examination and update of the geological subsoil model determined from the direct information. The building ground is covered and characterized as a whole. Geophysical methods offer a considerable advantage in time and costs compared to direct exploration methods.


Geophysical methods contribute significantly to success in the following fields of application.


Depending on the problem, we use procedures with the following priorities. Our methods can be used on ground surface, in drillings or underground and on the water (rivers, lakes.