Transactions & Investment Banking

Transactions & Investment Banking

Pöyry has a strong track record and many years of experience in the energy sector, as well as the pulp and paper industries. In this regard, we are uniquely placed to support our customers in the valuation of projects, assets and companies – no matter if it's at a technical, commercial or strategic level.

Our network of engineering and management consulting specialists, coupled with profound internal knowledge of investment banking, qualify Pöyry as a "one-stop shop" for transactions  | due diligences.

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Pöyry offers Consulting Services for Energy, Forest, Paper & Packaging, and M&A Advisory. Pöyry offers Engineering Services for Energy, Industry, and Regional Operations

Our Pöyry experts specialise in a vast range of transactions in different areas:

Business Strategy Business Plan Execution Gap Potential Partnering Restructuring Opportunities Commercial Analysis Market Potential Competitive Position Political Agenda Technical and Environmental Integrity ICT and Automation Asset Management Operation OPEX CAPEX Valuation Regulation Legal Framework Regulatory Process and Bodies Regulatory Methodology Analysis of Regulatory Parameters


Energy Industry

We combine more than 50 years of experience in the planning and construction of thermal, hydrological and renewable power plants with strong competences in the commercial and regulatory evaluation of various electricity and gas markets, acquired over more than 25 years, which makes Pöyry the ideal partner for the valuation of projects, assets and companies.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Since 1958, Pöyry has been active in the planning and design of pulp and paper plants, growing with the industry in the process. Based on this wealth of experience, we are chosen to participate in a multitude of transactions and conduct technical, commercial and strategic valuations on a regular basis.

M&A and Corporate Finance Advice

Pöyry Capital is the investment banking arm of the Pöyry Group, providing independent strategic corporate finance and M&A advice to clients in the Forest Products, Energy and Packaging Sectors.